About us

The Health Sciences Finance unit offers support to all of its departments, units and centers. It is the control point for all finance, accounting and budgetary matters within the college.

We develop and implement financial policies, conduct budgeting and monitoring and serve as the reporting authority to all internal and external stakeholders. We are responsible for maintaining the overall financial health of the College of Health Sciences.

To mitigate risk, we establish and implement internal controls to ensure that all accounting transaction records are accurate and adhere to policies of the University of California, Irvine and the University of California.


Financial Administration

Awad, Maria
Cao, Ngoc

Vo, Jake
 Brewington, Jason

Butteling, Nicole
Castillo, Angela
Castillo, Denise
Duddy, Donna
Orozco, Damian
Purcell-Ogelvie, Marla
Tanabe, Stephanie